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      A question, sharply put, generally produced some kind of effect upon the Clockwork man. It seemed to release the mechanism in his brain that made coherent speech possible. But his reply was disconcerting.

      Hardly was the anchor down when our trio entered a boat and were rowed to the shore. Nagasaki is prettily situated in a bay that is completely landlocked, and affords secure anchorage to ships even in the severest gales. Doctor Bronson had been in the harbor of Rio Janeiro, in South America, and said that the bay of Nagasaki was a sort of pocket edition of that of Rio Janeiro. The hills rise abruptly from the water, and lie in terraces that seem to lose themselves in the distance. Some of the hills are wooded, while others are cleared and cultivated; and in either case there are evidences of the most careful attention on the part of the inhabitants of the country. Looking seaward the hills gradually separate until the entrance of the bay is reached; here the island of Pappenberg stands directly across the mouth of the bay, and, while seemingly obstructing it, serves as a breakwater against the in-rolling waves.

      Norah came back to the table, took up her pencil and then laid it down again. The frown was heavily creased in her forehead.

      "Certainly you could do so," Fred responded, "or you might go next week or last summer."Charlton looked up in quick surprise.

      He came into the inspector's office in answer to a summons. Inspector Manton passed over some papers to his subordinate.

      "It sha'n't happen to-morrow night," laughed the General.I attempted an evasion. "Oh--a blanket on the ground--face covered up in it from the mosquitos--is really--"


      There was no time to be lost, for she could hear Balmayne coming down the garden. And then a happy inspiration came to her. From her head she removed the gold and ornamented dagger, with its long steel pin. She stooped down. . .